FAQ for Managers

What is electricity on-selling?

Electricity on-selling can occur when a retirement village is established as an embedded network.

The village purchases the electricity at a point of supply to the embedded network and then the electricity is ‘on-sold’ to residents at a discount to normal electricity prices.

Embedded networks are becoming increasingly common as their benefits become understood by developers, property owners and managers.

What are the benefits of electricity on-selling?

Electricity on-selling can provide significant discounts to residents, reduce operating costs for retirement villages and generally return surplus funds to the retirement village.

Embedded networks when properly implemented and managed deliver benefits to consumers within the precinct in the form of cheaper energy and can provide greater flexibility for the village in areas such as charging arrangements that can be tailored to suit the needs of the consumers and greater flexibility for residents movements.

Are you living in a retirement village, managing a retirement village or part of a retirement village association and would like your village and your residents to save money on their electricity all year round. If so, we welcome you to contact us with your enquiry where we can provide you with specific information relating to your individual needs.

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Greenfields Sites - New projects. We provide guidance and design to maximise benefits of electricity on-selling

What sort of clients do you have?

Our clients includes:

  • Owner-Developers of retirement villages, apartments and commercial sites
  • ASX listed Corporate clients with Australia wide operations
  • Not for profit organisations running accommodation facilities
  • Owners' Corporations
  • Body Corporate managers
  • Residents Association
  • Lifestyle Resorts