FAQ for our customers

Network Energy Services can help you set up embedded network so that residents and tenants receive discounted electricity and clients can receive further benefits from their electricity and water infrastructure.

Embedded networks can be set up on many types of sites such as retirement villages, manufactured home estates, commercial parks, apartment buildings and shopping centres. As ‘Exempt Sellers’, these entities can on-sell utilities to the residents or tenants who occupy premises inside the estate.

Embedded networks are becoming increasingly common as their benefits become understood by developers, property owners, managers and occupiers.

Network Energy Services provides all of the services required for the successful implementation, operation and optimisation of electricity on-selling for suitable sites.

I live in an Embedded Network

Am I entitled to a Government concession or rebate?

Why isn’t my concession is not showing on my bill?

VICTORIA: If you live in Victoria your concession is paid annually in a lump sum at the end of the calendar year or early in the New Year. NSW: If you live in NSW your concession is paid annually early each financial year. We will send you the relevant forms with your first bill of the new financial year. QUEENSLAND: Your concession rebate will appear on your bill if your village applies for it for you. Let your village manager know if you should be receiving it?

How can I update my payment method?

Please call us on 03 9807 5286 to update your payment method.

Is my meter read actual or estimated?

Your meter read is always read unless there is special circumstances which we will communicate to you. Your meter may be read by a meter reader, or via a wireless network.

What should I do in case of a power outage?

If you know who your Distributor is you can go to their website and they will have a tool to search for your outage and any information. Your Distributor is written on the back of your electricity bill. Also, we provide their telephone number too.

How can I reduce my electricity bill?

Your electricity bill is made up of a daily supply charge and your usage charge based on how much power you imported through your meter. Whilst the daily charge cannot be reduced, there are tips you can use to minimise the amount of usage you have. Here is a link to a great resource with energy tip ideas.

Can I update my payment details on your website?

Due to cybersecurity concerns, we do not have this facility. Please contact our office on 03 9807 5286.

Can I pay my electricity bill with cash or in person?

Payment in person options, and payment by cash options, have now become limited due to market changes beyond our control. You can best pay using phone or online BPay payments, or call us if you require an alternative approach.

Can I receive my electricity electronically rather than by post?

Certainly yes. Please call us or email to provide your email address and request this.

What security measures are in place to protect my payment information?

We have very strong security measures in place. Please call us if you would like to discuss them.

How can I track my payment history online?

You can request email confirmation of your payments and we can also supply payment history by request

I am experiencing financial hardship, can you help?

Please call our friendly staff and we will see what we can suggest to assist. Also, many of our customers prefer to pay a fixed amount each fortnight. You can organise this yourself through your banking website, banking app or features. Alternatively, please contact us and we can organise it from our end too.