2024-25 Rebates for Embedded Network Customers in QLD

Consumers living in communities operating electricity embedded networks in Queensland have three key rebates available to them in the 2024-25 financial year.

  1. Queensland Electricity Rebate ($372.20)
  2. Australian Government Energy Bill Relief Fund ($300)
  3. Queensland Government Cost of Living Rebate ($1000)

For eligible consumers, all three rebates available for the next financial year add up to a total of $1,672.20!

More details on each of the three rebates available to Queensland consumers are outlined below.

Queensland Electricity Rebate

Queensland pensioners and seniors may be eligible for the Queensland Electricity Rebate which equates to $372.20 per year (GST inclusive).

The $372.20 is calculated at a daily rate of $1.0197 x 365 days = $372.20 (GST inclusive). The rebate unit price is displayed as $0.927 (GST exclusive) on invoices, as the GST is calculated on the bottom of the subtotal.

If you have this rebate itemised on your invoices, you are already receiving it! If you believe you should be receiving this rebate and it is not appearing on your invoices, please see your community manager who can support you in completing the necessary documentation.

Energy Bill Relief Fund 2024-25

The Australian Government’s Energy Bill Relief Fund will provide a $300 electricity bill rebates to all Australian households in 2024-25 to ease cost of living pressures.

The good news is that households in embedded networks will be eligible for this rebate after 1 July 2024; however we do not yet know the details on how this will be distributed to each household at this time, and it may be different from state to state.

More information on applying for the rebate will be released soon once it is made available from the Australian Government, and there is no need to contact NES at this time. We will share how this rebate will be made available with your community management once the details become known.

For more information about the Energy Bill Relief Fund, click here.

Queensland Government Cost of Living Rebate 2024-25

Queensland households will receive $1,000 off their electricity bills in 2024–25 via the Queensland Government’s Cost of Living Rebate.

$1,000 will be automatically credited to eligible residential customer bills after 1 July 2024—there is no need for individual customers to apply. The exact timing on when the amount will be credited to customer accounts will depend on individual embedded network billing cycles and as to when the credits appear on embedded network parent meter retailer invoices.

To be eligible, residential customers must have an electricity account with their embedded network provider on 1 July 2024 and be separately metered and charged for their own electricity consumption.

Your community management team will apply for the Cost of Living Rebate on behalf of all consumers by completing the application for cost of living rebate 2024-25 form.

As an electricity consumer purchasing from your community, you do not need to do anything!

For more information about the QLD Cost of Living Rebate for Households, click here.